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Let me clarify something right off the bat; I do not suffer from chronic illness myself. Hence why this is more of a how to care for your friends who have it, rather than what to expect of others if you have it.

I get upset when people get cocky and condescending with my friends who cannot help the condition their body is in. I know these people just don’t understand, but telling someone to “just get up and do something" when their entire body screams in pain is not the way to go at all! Just because the pain isn’t a gaping, bleeding wound for you to see doesn’t mean it’s not there, NOR that it’s not a valid physical pain.

I count myself very, very lucky to be healthy enough to get up every morning and go about my day, and it’s depressing to even myself that it took until I met a dear friend of mine who suffers from chronic illness to realize it. To appreciate it fully. Please, please, be grateful you are able bodied (to varying degrees) and do not coerce those who talk about their pain into doing the things YOU think they SHOULD be able to do.

If someone talks about their pain on their blog, try not to see it as enabling. There will always be people who fake being sick, and maybe the extra info they gather will help them fake better, but there is also a chance someone else who suffers in silence will see those posts and realize that maybe, they too suffer from this illness people talk so little about. And this is what is important.

Last but not least— I wish I could give you some of my spoons, AJ ;v;

This is what’s been happening to me these past few months.




I mean, I totally get what he’s saying - ‘scary’ as in, there’s risk of getting caught, but there’s just something so… comically ironic about a serial killer talking about the terror and pains of body disposal.

Like… lmao, the fuck you scared for? You’re the one with your mom’s severed head on your cock. That didn’t just happen. You actively fucking did that. What more is there on this Earth for you to be scared of, dude? You’re also taller than humanly fucking necessary and weigh like 300 pounds. Who gon’ check you, boo? 

Let me just share something with you: there’s a guy I used to write to that is a serial killer/necrophiliac and he stated (in all sincerity) that when he’d go back to his body dumping grounds to ~have his way~ with the deceased, he was terrified because he was afraid of the dark.





Militarized Police Clash With Anti-Brutality Protesters

Demonstrations over a recent police shooting turned into what the mayor of Albuquerque called “mayhem” on Sunday, as protesters there clashed with police during a 10-hour long rally.

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets and freeways of New Mexico’s largest city in response to the death earlier this month of James Boyd, a homeless man who was fatally shot after a three hour-long confrontation with police over illegal camping.

Protesters repeatedly marched from downtown Albuquerque to the University of New Mexico campus, around two miles away, blocking traffic and shouting anti-police slogans. As tensions escalated, officers responded with tear gas.

The videos below show protesters, carrying signs that read “End The Police State” and “Who’s Next?” confronting police in riot gear. Other footage shows demonstrators marching, including some wearing Anonymous masks and walking up to officers.

The shocking video of Boyd’s shooting (Graphic), which was captured by an officer’s helmet-mounted camera and released by police, went viral and drew stern condemnation.

After shooting a tear gas canister at Boyd and releasing an attack dog, police shot the man as he had his back turned.

The US Justice Department has been investigating the Albuquerque police department for more than a year, after several allegations of civil rights violations and abuse of force, which New Mexico residents say have gotten progressively worse. The FBI also opened an investigation into Boyd’s death.

Watch: Police Shoot Tear Gas At Protesters


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Some motivation from the doctor.

I definitely needed this right now!

I was actually doing homework, love this!

I have a math test tomorrow. I needed it.

I have an exam tomorrow and I needed this.



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